We help people to buy the right goods in the face of a lack of funds, relying on the principles of Islamic finance: honesty and transparency.

At Shookru, we believe that the principles of Islamic finance benefit everyone, regardless of religion or culture. We offer an ethical and legal service that meets modern moral, economic, legal and religious standards.
Shookru is driven by a commitment to transparency and honesty and strives to implement these principles by providing its financial services.
We believe that in any organization it is necessary to be first of all people and carry the values that we want to see in this world: transparency and clarity, honesty, fairness and permissiveness.
We uphold these values in everything we do, offering honest and transparent services and always being aware of our responsibility to partners and customers.
We strive for continuous
We do not use
"unethical means"
We do not allow to be deceived
Our main principles:
We strive for transparency and
We do not buy or sell
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