Increase your sales
Customers are willing to spend
more when buying in installments.
You receive the full cost of the goods sold the next day
Receive funds immediately
Your customers will buy from your store significantly more often
Increase your average check
You do not pay for using the service - the system is free for stores
No additional payments
Your customers will have a new positive payment experience
Increase your LTV
Respect for partners, honest and transparent solution of all issues
Complies with the norms of Islam
With the new payment method, the goods will be able to buy those who used to be expensive
Attract new clients
We protect the loyalty of your customers
We protect your customers by adhering to a respectful and unobtrusive communication style, even if payments are late. A well-functioning scoring system allows us to minimize risks while maintaining a high percentage of approvals.
The client does not need to save up for a long time for the desired purchase, it is possible to conveniently distribute the costs.
Pays in installments
The client immediately sees the entire amount that he will pay in installments.
No surprises
There are no hidden fees, penalties, fines and imposed insurances.
No fines and penalties
4 steps to connect
Ready plugins for the most popular CMS
Leave a request to connect to the service
Find out the details of cooperation
We will help you connect and configure the service
Enjoy your
increased sales
For clients
For partners
How it works for the client
The client chooses as payment by installments from SHOOKRU.
It is checked in a few minutes.
Payments are debited from the linked card.
Fills in a questionnaire, indicating passport data.
Pays 25% of the purchase amount with a card.
How it works for partners
Once approved, you ship the item to the customer just like a normal order.
The next day after registration, you receive full payment for the goods.
On the next business day, we exchange electronic documents.
At a convenient time for you, we will exchange original documents.
Ready to increase your sales and LTV?
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